Benefit with an Applegreen Fuel Card today

Did you know Welcome Break & Applegreen are now part of the same group? You could be benefitting from cheaper fuel rates across the network, via the Applegreen fuel card!

We are always looking for ways to benefit our customers and help drive efficiencies for your business.

Some of the perks include:

  • Discounted fuel rate
  • Free fuel cards & 0 account fees
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Interest free credit
  • Bespoke reporting
  • Online account management
  • More control - limit purchases to fuel only
  • Quick card turnaround
  • VAT approved invoices

Find out more below, or apply to start driving more than just your car!

Applegreen Fuel Card

The Most competitive and consistently priced fuel card on the market with no fees or charges. Your Applegreen fuel card can be used at any Applegreen outlet in the UK and Ireland as well as the majority Welcome Breaks service stations.

Applegreen Fuel Card Plus

Competitive pricing and zero fees. Accepted at All Applegreen, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury and Welcome break* service stations in the UK. The Plus card boasts 1500 sites nationwide, covering all major routes, towns & cities.